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Due to the extreme nature of the pandemic, companies have accelerated the move to digital-first or digital-only customer journeys. Companies now have an opportunity to accelerate those efforts and lean into higher margin experiences that offer more data to drive optimizations.

Particularly as the economic recovery may not be swift, this certainly offers an opportunity to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction.  

Companies already loved the self-directed digital savvy customer that wants to feel empowered to search, understand, act, solve and buy things online independently. But in this current day, companies deal with a completely new digital target audience. Instead of a phased transition, this has been an overnight disruption for the less self-directed, less digital savvy community. Literally from one day to another their preferred channels are shut down and they are forced to explore the online channel. Rethinking your digital experience and tapping into the specific needs of these, so to say, ‘newbies’ is essential to really reap the benefits of this forced digital transition.

Companies now have an opportunity to accelerate digitalization efforts and lean into higher margin experiences that offer more data to drive optimizations.

The response to COVID-19 from different industries


Helping the elderly get digital

Several non-profits are helping the elderly adjusting the way they interact. This ranges from embracing WhatsApp, downloading video conferencing apps, shopping online and celebrating their birthdays in a virtual way.

Relieve pressure on call centers

Governmental organizations enhance or introduce new ‘self-support’ tools, such as chatbots, to filter client questions and relieve pressure on the service center.

remote sporting

Physical businesses going digital

Purely physical businesses, such as gyms and beauty salons, now run a fully digital business. Offering virtual classes and do-it-yourself kits. Real estate agencies are organizing live, virtual property tours to keep the business going.

Coffee to go

Some shops start (safe) initiatives to activate clients to go out again (dealing with 1.5-meter restrictions etc.) while others are using the ‘downtime’ to renovate their outlets based on new insights.

coffe to go

Festival at home

Online music festivals that have been forced to cancel their events, set up free online streamed festivals instead, to stay connected to their customer base

Virtualized service – leaning into new ways to serve customers 

Health and safety concerns have immediately limited on-the-ground workforce, call center capacity, and customer operations. New protocols and capabilities are established for technicians and field operators whereas virtual service calls and self-service kits accelerate. While not all service can sustainably move to new methods, some can.

Now is the time to not just accelerate the obvious digital experiences but to rethink those service elements that still require human (remote) interactions or actual ‘boots on the ground’. For example, video offers an accessible first step forward while more digitally advanced options such as augmented reality present new service options.

5 tips to accelerate the digital customer experience

Don’t forget the needs of the less digital savvy crowd

Adjust your digital experience to meet the specific needs of the less digital savvy customer as they are suddenly being forced out of their preferred channels. Define where they need additional information, checklists or other support to make it through the digital journey by themselves.

Rethink physical outlets

Rethink or re-invent the added value and customer attractiveness of your physical outlets. Post-COVID people will probably still want to go out and shop but they might expect other (new) elements or more added value from visiting a physical location rather than shopping online.

Extend self-support tools

Actively balance call/service center demand now that service levels are at risk due to increased number of calls related to specific COVID-19 questions and the less digital savvy crowd that needs more support.

Stay true to your identity 

Keep in mind the core values that your business represents when planning measures regarding (temporary) channel, technology and customer experience alterations to avoid confusing or alienating your customers.

Digitalize the less obvious or even the unexpected

Rethink the ‘physical’ aspects of your business model and customer journey and be open to far reaching solutions to digitize even these moments.


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