A customer-focused response to COVID-19


How to stay relevant and create business value  

It takes skill and courage to navigate the uncertain times that we face in coping with COVID-19. Nearly all components of the business world have been impacted one way or another. One key statement that applies as much as ever, is that companies should care for their customers and strengthen their customer relationships. Companies that succeed in delivering value to their customers in these challenging times can boost their business in surprising, lasting ways.

Respond now, prepare for next, think beyond


Sustain business continuity
Triage short-term needs of the business to ensure business continuity, managing customer expectations and brand risk in a world of highly compromised customer and employee experience.


Build business resilience
Realize forced acceleration of virtual engagement and the need for efficiency, lean into the transformation agenda to drive the new core with renewed vigor and mandate around digital journeys.


Re-frame the future 
Exploit the longer-term shift and economic recovery to establish capabilities, strategy and presence for long-term value creation and enterprise resiliency in the face of future crisis.

Principles and leading practices around four key themes

Companies will need to re-envision customer engagement, redesign customer experiences and re-evaluate their sales channels and product portfolio as the main growth drivers while balancing their physical and digital operating models. We are heading for a new era in 2020. The best time to think about it is now. 


Customer engagement

Boosting customer engagement by understanding your customer and adapting quickly.

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Growth drivers

Achieving growth in challenging times through digitalization and innovation.

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Customer experience

Offering a complete and accessible digital customer experience.

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Physical/Digital divide

Creating digital twins of physical concepts

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COVID-19 forces businesses to rethink the way they execute innovation and value creation

EY VODW’s methodologies and tools are well suited for remote, virtual projects, while maintaining our customer centric and agile approach.

We help you to explore new areas of opportunity, design and validate possible solutions and launch your product into the market place. Experience remote customer journey mapping, Design studios, customer validations, service blue print design or an entire virtual Design sprint.

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How ready is your organization?

Have you mitigated immediate risk? Have you successfully adopted digital sales models and new customer experiences? Do you have a clear view on the potential changes in customer behavior post COVID-19? Wherever your organization is with regards to COVID-19, we would like to provide you an e-book for interesting insights, useful scenarios and hands-on tips to optimize your COVID-19 response.


Our latest thinking on COVID-19


Enterprise resiliency: nine areas of focus for COVID-19 crisis management

Introducing an easy-to-use diagnostic tool to help provide a comprehensive, methodical approach to crisis management.

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Why transformation is essential to a COVID-19 recovery
Why transformation is essential to a COVID-19 recovery

In the weeks since the COVID-19 crisis escalated, there has been one overwhelmingly consistent theme: most leaders now recognize they weren’t ready. They’ve known for some time that in an era of unprecedented change, complexity and speed are needed to transform.

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Business leadership in the eye of the storm: now, next and beyond

Over the past four weeks, reality has dramatically changed for almost every company. Whereas at the beginning of January 2020 many companies still raised their glasses to a best year ever and stock market prices continued to rise until the end of February, we now find ourselves in a historic crisis. Beautiful 2020 is not what we expected and hoped for. No European Football Championships and ultimately no Olympic Games in Japan.

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Why transformation is essential to a COVID-19 recovery2-2

How can your industry 
respond at the speed of COVID-19s impact?

Our regularly updated perspective on the pandemic’s impact across nine industries, actions leaders should take and questions to push your thinking.

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Driven by technological developments, data and the needs of people, we seize opportunities in the market and develop new businesses.


Customer-focused organization transformation

With new organisational models and methods, we develop and strengthen organisations so that they become more innovative and customer oriented.


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